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Do all dry cleaners deliver the same level quality? Not at all, like with most other things in life, you get what you pay for.

Questions to consider before selecting a dry cleaner, before considering price:

1. What cleaning process do you use, how do you protect our environment? ...the most common solvent is PERC(perchloroethylene), a hazardous waste classified as a likely carcinogen. The Julius "wet cleaning" process is eco-friendly, the resulting waste is safe to be drained into the sewer system. Water usage is reduced since our volume assures optimized loads compared to laundering at home. Our perk is no PERC(perchloroethylene) at all!!!  :)

2. Will my whites stay white and my colors bright? ...thousands of garments are cleaned in the same solvent by average dry cleaners, not replacing the fluid when needed results in grayed whites and faded colors. With the Julius "wet cleaning" process clothes are always cleaned in a new batch of wet cleaning fluid.

3. What is your stain removal process? ...most cleaners do in by 8 am out by 5 pm creating self-imposed pressure to push garments through their plants. At Julius we work on a one week turn around to make sure that stains that can be removed are indeed removed, each garment is meticulously inspected for stains and pre-treated.  We gladly do rush orders also, and deliver better than average quality even on RUSH orders because we only do a few of them daily. Compare that to the average cleaners that run hundreds of items daily, it is physically impossible to deliver top quality when "for most cleaners every order is basically a RUSH order!"

It takes premium detergent, a rigorous inspection process, a secret white shirt cleaning process, a unique shirt press that does not bake your shirts while pressing them, AND most importantly, a team dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

With the Julius garment care process you extend the life of your wardrobe and you can feel good knowing you are supporting eco-friendly practices.

While we choose to focus on quality, our prices are competitive also, with the Julius Rewards Card(valid for dry cleaning items and shirt service), you can save up to 50% off each 5th visit based on your average spent at the first four visits, simply show the card at each pick-up. Valid for shirt laundry and dry cleaning(wet cleaning) services only.


Dry Cleaning/Shirt Laundry

Cotton Shirts Laundered/Pressed - $3.50

Dry Clean Shirt/Blouse - $7.25

Silk Shirt - $8.75

Trousers - $7.25

Skirt - $7.25

Dress - $13.90

Gown - from $27.70

Sport Coat - $9.00

Sweater - $8.40

Cashmere Sweater - $10.10

2 pc Suit - $16.25

Laundry Shirt/Hand Finished - $3.50

Overcoats - from $17.60

Comforters - $45.00 and up

Down Pillow Restoration - from $25.00

Wedding Gown Clean - from $100.00

Wedding Gown Clean/Preserve - from $175.00

Note: Additional charges may apply for heavy stains, ornaments, or other special conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Hem Khakis - $17.00

Hem Dress Slacks/No Cuffs - $16.00

Hem Dress Slacks with Cuffs - $22.00

Take In - from $20

Let Out Waist - from $30.00

Taper legs(2 seams) - $30.00

Taper legs(4 seams) - $50.00

Hem Jeans - $17

Hem Jeans Original Hem - $30.00

Hem Skirt - from $20.00

Hem Dress - from $20.00

Hem Stretch Material Dress - from $25.00

Jacket Taper Sides - from $50.00

Jacket Shorten Sleeves - from $68.00

Jacket Lengthen Sleeves - $90.00

Formal Gown Hem - from $60.00 and up

Formal Gown Take In/Let out Sides - from $40.00 and up

Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are for average construction garments, some garments require additional time even for operations with such simple names as "hem", or "take in waist", etc., for such jobs please ask for an estimate before we do any work.

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You always get the best quality alterations and cleaning, always on time...and we can help with RUSH jobs, too

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